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With almost two decades of experience in the UK real estate business, Salik & Co has come a long way as an independent organisation that caters to local property needs. Whether you are looking for a property to buy in East London, commercial/residential valuations, rent a flat, or get a lease in an office building, our agents have the experience and skills to fulfil your needs. Our unfailing dedication to our clients and attention to detail has allowed us to forge a solid reputation.

Our work ethic is based on integrity and trust, which is evident in everything we do to ensure our clients, partners, suppliers, and investors remain confident in our capabilities. We offer bespoke services and advice to forge long-term relationships and make lucrative decisions.

The scale of operations we manage allows us to tap into invaluable local knowledge and the advice of specialists. This, in turn, allows us to cater to specific individual needs when it comes to making critical investment decisions. Our ability to provide property management services in East London as well as letting solutions set us apart from competitors.

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