Concept of Asian Restaurant and Takeaway Awards

ARTA, or the Asian Restaurant and Takeaway Awards, is an award presentation that promotes the art of cooking while recognising other areas in the hospitality industry, such as exceptional service or restaurant management.

Restaurant customers are at the heart of this Award, with over 950,000 customer base of Strategic Partner ChefOnline and food lovers voting for their favourite local Asian restaurants across the UK every year.

The competing restaurants are chosen based on customer nominations. Once a restaurant is nominated, it is subject to two scoring phases.

In the first phase, the restaurants are judged collectively on their Customer Nomination Score which includes Quality of Food, Quality of Service and Value for Money, and also on their ARTA Score which includes TripAdvisor Reviews, Google Reviews and Food Hygiene Ratings.

In the second phase, each shortlisted business is judged on its Regional Cook-Off Score which includes the Product's Flavour, Appearance, Texture, Aroma and Hygiene and how these qualities come together as a whole.

Benefits of winning the prestigious ARTA Award

  • Endorsement of Your Operational Excellence
  • Attain Insights on the Quality of Food & Service
  • Expand Your Restaurant's Digital Footprint
  • Intensify Your Customer Engagement
  • Enhance Your Brand Recognition and Awareness

ARTA is a movement in the hospitality sector. It is the only official award that recognises, promotes and celebrates the immense importance and popularity of the Asian catering industry in the UK, as determined by its consumers.

Everything you want to know about ARTA

The ARTA awards is open to all Asian Restaurants & Takeaways within the United Kingdom. Fair and democratic voting is at the heart of ARTA. We want to ensure that our entire voting process is as transparent as possible, below you'll find the answers to our most commonly asked question. If you would like to know more, please contact us

Everything you want to know about ARTA

Customers can easily vote for their favourite restaurant within the UK online via social media, Mobile App and Voting Slips

Once a restaurant has been nominated, it will be subject to three rounds of scoring in two phases. Restaurants are judged on their: Customer Nomination Score, ARTA Score, and Regional Cook-Off score.

1st Phase:

Customer Nomination Score

This makes up 30% of a nominees’ overall score and covers:

  • Quality of food
  • Quality of service
  • Value for money

ARTA Score

This makes up another 30% of a nominees’ overall score and covers:

  • Reviews from Trip Advisor
  • Reviews from Google Reviews
  • Food Hygiene Ratings
2nd Phase:

Regional Cook-Off Score

This makes up the remaining 40% of a nominee’s overall score and is administered by the judging panel at the regional event. It involves the assessment of a served meal, and how it comes together as a cohesive whole based on:

  • Flavour: How pleasant are the taste and aftertaste of the product?
  • Appearance: Is the product aesthetically appealing?
  • Texture: How is the consistency and mouth feel?
  • Aroma: Does the aroma positively impact the overall experience?
  • Hygiene: Was the food prepared ensuring it is safe and cross contamination has been eliminated with the best efforts?

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with our team.

ARTA 2024 is open to every Asian restaurant and takeaway in the United Kingdom. If you have a question about your eligibility, please contact our team directly.

Anyone over 18 can vote for their favourite restaurant. Individuals can cast their vote through our online nomination form via our social media channels, or by tendering a paper voting slip.

Nomination will close 14 July 2024. 10 shortlisted Restaurants & Takeaways from each region will be judged and invited to the 2nd Phase Cook-Off via customer nomination and ARTA scoring card.

Restaurants and takeaways in the UK will be eligible for entry in the following regions:

  • North London
  • East London
  • South London
  • West London
  • North East
  • North West
  • East Midlands
  • West Midlands
  • East Anglia | Hertfordshire
  • Sussex | South-Central
  • Kent
  • Northern Ireland
  • South West
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Surrey
  • Essex

Once voting has been concluded, the ARTA team will collate a shortlist of the Top 10 restaurants and takeaways per region. Then, they will be judged and invited for the 'ARTA Cook Off' event where all shortlisted businesses will compete against each other to determine the ultimate winner.

The Top 10 finalists from each respective region will then be invited to the Grand Finale event on the October where the winners will be announced, and awards will be handed out.

Seventeen regional winners will be announced on the day of the Grand Finale on the 6th of October 2024, and three special awards will be handed out during the Gala Dinner which comprises the "Chef of the Year", "Newcomer of the Year", and the "Champion of Champions". Other awards including "Thai Restaurant of the Year", "Chinese Restaurant of the Year" and the "European Restaurant of the Year" will also be handed out.

If your restaurant has been nominated, you will be informed via email or directly by the ARTA team. If your restaurant has not been listed on ARTA, our team will endeavour to contact you directly to confirm your nomination.

If you wish to register your business in advance, you can do so through our online form available here.

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