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Powered by our strategic partner ChefOnline, the concept of ARTA and its journey begins and ends on a customer level. Galvanised by the technological platforms at our disposal alongside our initial clientele base of over 150,000 active customers, we ask Read More

Winning a prestigious ARTA Award will help your organisation to stand out from the crowd, send a positive message to your existing customers and attract new business

ARTA Benefits

  • Recognition of excellence
  • Client engagement
  • Customers feedback
  • Measuring quality of food & service
  • Enhanced digital marketing awareness
  • Brand recognition

the regular consumers of South Asian cuisine - the dedicated frequenters of curry houses on the streets of Britain - to put forward their most beloved Indian restaurant. The process of nomination via online applications and websites will help us compile an authentic list of the nation’s most cherished eateries based on the opinions of local residents from regions across the UK. After the launch of our campaign, we endeavour to separate the UK into 15 distinct areas in order to distinguish the Top 30 South Asian restaurants in each region - from Edinburgh to Southampton, from Belfast to Cambridge, and everywhere in between. This comprehensive campaign will be a national operation over the course of four months. We will then conduct a formal assessment to determine the leading culinary establishments dependent upon such criteria as quality of service, quality of product, value for money and food hygiene ratings, in tandem with the number of nominations provided by the public.

At ARTA, we are not simply concerned with cuisine. Our prerogative is the entire culinary experience - 360 degrees from the moment you step in the restaurant to the moment the door closes behind you.

We will then embark upon a regional media campaign, engaging with local newspapers, businesses and media partners. Furthermore, we will establish partnerships with local colleges and universities who will host our regional cook-off events, where restaurateurs will have the chance to earn the accolade of being among the region’s top establishments and customers will have the chance to win the grand prize of a brand-new car thanks to ARTA’s business partnerships. These exhilarating occasions will entail a competition between each respective region’s best restaurants as determined by their customers. This is where the ARTA project elevates its ambition.

The Asian catering industry is valued at an approximation of £5 billion. Even so, over the years the industry has witnessed a steep downturn. This decline is manifested in the shortage of skilled workers in the hospitality sector - from a lack of talented chefs all the way through to front of house staff. There exists a palpable sense of disinterest amongst younger people or job seekers with regard to the hospitality sector as a potential career path. The ARTA initiative involves addressing this insufficiency.

ARTA celebrates the art of cookery, but places the same amount of emphasis on all roles in the hospitality environment, including extraordinary service or bar management. ARTA was conceived to play a pivotal role in reinvigorating the general perception of the possibilities afforded by embarking upon employment in the culinary sector. Through reaching out to current and prospective students at our regional cook-offs, we aim to establish a program of youth engagement that we think will revitalise the food industry by targeting a demographic that it is crucial to the future prosperity of the sector.

We aim to do this from the ground up - by encouraging individuals to engage with businesses on a local level at our competitions, buttressed by a targeted program utilising our business and media partnerships in addition to cooperation with educational institutions. As we work with businesses, colleges and universities nationwide, we introduce the industry and prospective workers to one another, inspiring a symbiotic relationship whereby the image of the culinary sector is enhanced. Furthermore, our digital and social media campaign will reach out to the wider community and help individuals discover resources relevant to the trade, such as information for courses in hospitality and catering at their local educational facility. Our end goal lies in collectively promoting the hospitality sector as a legitimate and desirable career path for the youth of today, inevitably breathing new life into the industry. Read Less

ARTA Awards

ARTA is a movement in the hospitality sector. It is the only official award that recognises, promotes and celebrates the immense importance and popularity of the South Asian catering industry in the UK, as determined by its consumers.

The ARTA judging process - FAQ

Fair and democratic voting is at the heart of ARTA. We want to ensure that our entire voting process is as transparent as possible, so we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Once a business has been nominated, it will be subject to three rounds of scoring. Restaurants are judged on their: Customer Nomination Score, their ARTA Score, and their Regional Cook Off score.
These are broken down as follows:
1st Phase:
Customer Nomination Score
This makes up 30% of a nominees’ overall score and covers:
  • Quality of food
  • Quality of service
  • Value for money
ARTA Score
This makes up another 30% of a nominees’ overall score and covers:
  • Reviews from Trip Advisor
  • Reviews from Google Reviews
  • Food Hygiene Ratings
2nd Phase:
Regional Cook Off Score
This makes up the remaining 40% of a nominees’ overall score and is administered by the judging panel at the regional event.
This involves assessing a served product, how it comes together as a cohesive whole and covers:
  • Flavour
  • Appearance
  • Texture
  • Aroma
If you have any further questions, please get in touch with our team directly at ARTA Email.
ARTA 2019 is open to every South Asian restaurant and takeaway in the United Kingdom. If you have a question about your eligibility, please contact our team directly at ARTA Email.
Anyone over 18 can vote for their favourite restaurant. Individuals can cast their vote through our online nominee form via our social media channels , or by tendering a paper voting slip .
Nomination Closes 30th June 2020
Restaurants and takeaways in the UK for the following regions will be eligible for entry. These include: North London, East London, South London, West London, North East, North West, East Midlands, West Midlands, East Anglia, East Anglia Region Essex, South East, South West, South Central, South Central Region Surrey, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, South East Region Kent.
Once voting has concluded, the ARTA team will collate a shortlist of the top thirty restaurants and takeaways on a per-region basis. When the top restaurants have been announced, each region will hold a ‘ARTA Cook Off’ event where all thirty businesses will compete against each other to determine an overall ‘Top 10’ list of restaurants for each region.
The top ten winners from each respective region will then be invited to the Grand Finale event on the 16th November 2020 in InterContinental Hotel - The O2 London where the regional winners will be announced, and awards will be handed out.
Seventeen regional winners will be announced on the day of the Grand Finale on 16th November 2020, and three special awards will be handed during the gala dinner. These are: Chef of the Year, Newcomer of the Year, and the Grand Champion Trophy Winner.
If your establishment has been nominated, you will be informed via email or directly by ARTA team . If your business has not been listed on ARTA, our team will endeavour to contact you directly to confirm your nomination.
If you wish to register your business in advance, you can do so through our online form available here.

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